September 27, 2018

State Licensing Board:

participated in the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Association of Marital and Family Therapy Regulatory Boards’ annual meeting in Philadelphia Pennsylvania September 25 -26, 2018.

In planning for the annual meeting, each state delegate was asked to prepare their state report identifying the regulatory issues of concern around licensee mobility, teletherapy best practice, discipline processes for MFTs in their jurisdiction, and comments for presentation about their state’s emerging rules and regulations.

This year’s presentations included:

  1. State Regulatory Issues presented by State Delegates
  2. Status of Occupational Licensing and LMFT Board Composition
  3. Mobility of LMFT Licenses: Status of Policy Among States
  4. Teletherapy: Training Program Evaluation, VA Survey & Resources
  5. MFT National Examination Annual Report
  6. Post-degree Supervision Across the US: Licensees and Supervisors
  7. Securing Client Session Recordings in Continuing Competency Training and Supervision for Licensure

Delegates, as experts on marriage and family therapy and regulation, participated in discussions following each of these presentations in order to create and implement ideas generated to move the appropriate regulation of LMFTs forward. Ethical, legal and cultural awareness were addressed in each of these presentations.

AMFTRB believes that this work qualifies as valid for CEU credit because of the review of state statutes; of the policy development skills and expertise for future direction of regulation of MFTs both within their state and in the United States; and of the collegial interaction throughout the conference aimed at implementation of policy ideas and development for the legal and ethical clinical practice of LMFTs.

AMFTRB is composed of statutorily constituted bodies legally responsible for the regulation of MFTs in their respective jurisdictions.  It is organized to facilitate communication among its member boards concerning the regulation of MFT; to sponsor collaboration among the member boards in developing compatible standards and family therapy services to other MFT organizations, to legislative, judicial, regulatory, and executive governmental bodies, and to other groups or associations whose areas of interest may coincide with those of its membership; to aid its member boards in fulfilling statutory, professional, public, and ethical obligations; and to engage in and encourage research on matters related to the legal regulation of MFTs. Additionally, AMFTRB is responsible for the creation and development of the National Examination in Marital and Family Therapy.

AMFTRB would like to recommend that 10 clock hours be credited as continuing competence hours for meeting your state’s requirements for continuing licensure.

Joanni Sailor, PhD, LMFT               Lois Paff Bergen, PhD, LMFT
President AMFTRB                               Executive Director AMFTRB