MFT Exam Process

The National Marital and Family Therapy Examination is administered via computer. Candidates have the opportunity to take the Exam during one week per month at testing locations offered through PSI.

  1. Candidates must FIRST contact their jurisdiction for applications and eligibility requirements.
  2. After the jurisdiction has approved the applicant to sit for the Exam, the jurisdiction will email an Approval Letter with an Approval Code and link to the PTC online application system.
  3. Candidates are required to complete an online application for PTC/AMFTRB. The candidate will receive an email notification of the online link for this application ONLY AFTER the jurisdiction in which the candidate has applied for a license has sent your Approval Letter.
  4. Once the PTC/AMFTRB application is completed and the examination fee has been received, candidates will receive an identification number and information concerning the testing centers. Candidates will be instructed to contact PSI directly to schedule their examination location, date and time.
  5. Please contact your state jurisdiction directly with any questions concerning application deadlines and additional fees for licensure and application. Your jurisdiction may have additional requirements that may supersede the ones outlined above.

Score reporting

Approximately 20 business days following the close of each testing period scores will be reported to state licensing boards and will be mailed to candidates. Scores will not be available at the PSI site.

More information:

Please note:

You MUST present your current driver’s license, passport, or U.S. military ID as the test center. Temporary, paper driver’s licenses are not accepted. The name on you Scheduling Authorization must exactly match the name on your photo ID. We recommend you take a printed copy of your Scheduling Authorization as well as your exam testing appointment confirmation. Any name change between registering for the exam and taking the exam should be taken into consideration when registering for the exam and/or approval code from the state.